• Philosophy of Business / Code of Conduct

Philosophy of Business / Code of Conduct

Philosophy of Business

We will devote every day, as a reliable and engaging professional, to fulfilling our social mission and meeting clients' expectations.

Contribute to the development of a fair society and capital market

We will ensure the integrity of financial information and contribute to realizing a fair society and developing the capital market. We will also contribute to the sound development of our clients by faithfully providing high-quality audit and accounting services.

Act professionally with pride

In order to fulfill our social mission, we will firmly maintain the independence society expects of us as a professional. In addition, each of us will hone our skills as a professional, strive to improve quality control, and act with pride.

Create an open and transparent organization

We are focusing on creating an open and transparent organization capable of responding flexibly to changes in the audit industry where we are in constant need of advances.

Code of Conduct

  1. Fulfill our social mission
  2. Comply with laws and regulations
  3. Firmly maintain independence
  4. Ensure thorough information management
  5. Put quality first
  6. Build trust with clients
  7. Hone skills through education and training
  8. Value fair personnel evaluation
  9. Respond flexibly to environmental changes
  10. Enhance organizational communications
  11. Respect each other