• Statutory audits/voluntary audits

Statutory audits/voluntary audits

We, at BDO Toyo & Co., provide high-quality audit services by conducting audits pursuant to audit manuals and tools of BDO International, an international accounting firm. In conducting audits, we place the highest priority on maintaining communication with our clients. 

This is based on our belief that if each audit team member in addition to engagement partners can maintain positive communication with clients and fully understand clients' operations and business environment, we can mutually understand issues related to accounting audits and solve them quickly.

Therefore, engagement partners frequently visit audit sites to ensure flexible response. In addition, we make efforts to fix audit team members in order to increase understanding in clients' industries and business categories.
In order to differentiate ourselves from other major audit firms, when we select audit team members, we prioritize auditors who have extensive experience and a deep understanding of clients so that we can provide audit and other services efficiently.

Characteristics of clients

BDO Toyo & Co. has a large client base of small and mid-sized corporations. Listed companies also select BDO Toyo & Co. as an alternative to major audit firms. Among not-for-profit organizations, we have a large client base of incorporated schools.

The number of clients by stock exchange (As of March, 2018)

Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section 37
Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd Section 16
Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers 9
Nagoya Stock Exchange 2nd Section 2
Nagoya Stock Exchange Centrex 1
TOKYO PRO Market 1
Total 87


The number of clients by audit type (As of March, 2018)

Financial Instruments and Exchange / Company Law 96
Financial Instruments and Exchange Law 9
Corporate Law 78
Incorporated School Law 44
Labor Union Law 22
Not For Profit 35
Other Statutory Audits 10
Other Voluntary Audits 66
Total 360